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Incoming Students

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Come Study Abroad at The New School

The New School’s NYC campus offers unique opportunities for students who are completing a degree program abroad to gain an international study experience while they complete their degrees. Each semester, our campus hosts students from Parsons Paris and other schools around the world. Learn more about these opportunities below and contact us with any questions.

Parsons Paris Students

Students from The New School's Parsons Paris campus may be eligible to study abroad for a semester or academic year at The New School’s Parsons School of Design in New York and enroll in coursework toward their degree at Parsons Paris. Parsons Paris students are encouraged to consider this opportunity to gain international experience while completing their degree as well as explore the riches of art, fashion, media, and more in New York City.

For more details, review the undergraduate study abroad and graduate study abroad program information on our Study Abroad platform, GoAbroad. All Parsons Paris students must contact their advisor at Parsons Paris before applying to study abroad at the New York City campus.

Parsons Paris students who wish to transfer to the New York City campus to complete a degree program in New York should apply for Internal Transfer instead of study abroad.

Exchange Students

The New School has many established exchange partner agreements with academic institutions around the world. These agreements facilitate an exchange of students between The New School and the partner institution, typically for a semester of study abroad. Exchange students continue to matriculate at their home institutions outside the United States while they are studying abroad in the exchange program at The New School. The study opportunities for exchange students vary according to the terms of the agreement established between The New School and the exchange student’s home institution.

If your home institution has an established exchange partner agreement with The New School and you are interested in studying abroad through the international exchange program with The New School, see the Exchange Students page for more information.

If your home institution is not an exchange partner with The New School but you are still interested in studying abroad at The New School as a visiting student, please see the section below.

Visiting Students (Non-Exchange)

Non-New School international students wishing to spend a semester at The New School can learn more about studying abroad at The New School for a semester or academic year by going to the visiting students page for undergraduate programs or by contacting for graduate programs.

In some cases, visiting students may have the opportunity to spend a semester at The New School through an established visiting student agreement between The New School and the student’s home academic institution. If your home institution has an established visiting student agreement with The New School, be sure to consult with your home institution regarding your study opportunities before applying to The New School.

Non-New School students are also encouraged to explore The New School’s unique global education opportunities such as: