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International Excursions

Throughout the school year and during academic breaks, New School faculty and staff manage a variety of international excursions throughout the world. There may alternatively be student activities such as international conferences, travel programs, or performances that students may have the opportunity to pursue. Generally a few days to a couple of weeks, international excursions are offered in supplement to a student’s coursework, research, and extracurricular activities. 

International Excursions are coordinated by individual academic departments, offices, faculty, and staff. Students who are approved to participate in international excursions through The New School must register their travel with the Study Abroad office.

If you are a student participating in a Faculty/Staff-Led international excursion, you should follow all instructions provided to you by the Faculty/Staff trip leader.

If you are a student participating in a University-funded or sponsored international excursion that does not have a Faculty/Staff trip leader, review and follow the information provided below.

Register the Excursion

To proceed to register the travel opportunity with The New School, please complete the University Sponsored Student International Excursion form

It is requested to register your planned trip information at least 1 month in advance of the departure date so that it may be properly reviewed and necessary pre-departure information gathered. If your excursion will require students to obtain a visa/travel permit or complete specific medical exams/vaccinations, it is important to plan your trip details further in advance so that we may assist you and any other students, if needed, with pre-departure preparation.

If you have a list of students who will participate in the excursion available at the time of registering your trip, please also provide this list to the Study Abroad office. 

Pre-Departure Requirements

Once the excursion details are registered on record, you will receive a copy of the Student Emergency Information Form along with an International Excursion Student Guide to distribute to all the students who will be participating in the excursion. All students traveling must fill out the emergency information form prior to departure, which will also ask students to provide details of their health insurance coverage. Please note that all students are required to have comprehensive health insurance coverage for their travel destination when engaging in any international travel through The New School. 

All students participating in the trip must also review and sign The New School's Trip Waiver and Release Agreement prior to departure. Copies of all signed agreements must be submitted to the Global Engagement office. 

Health and Safety Information

The New School takes the health and safety of all travelers on any university-affiliated international excursions very seriously and offers many resources to support traveler security.

Please review our Health and Safety resources page to become familiar with university resources and procedures.

Request Support

The Study Abroad office is happy to answer any questions regarding resources and procedures. For any questions or support inquiries, contact our office at: