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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted an application to study abroad on GoAbroad. When will I know if I have been admitted to my study abroad program? Our GoAbroad application is for TNS’ internal approval to study abroad. Once you have been approved to study abroad by the New School, we will notify you.
  • If you are applying to a study abroad provider program, you will need to follow the application process for your Study Abroad program and submit your application directly to them. Your study abroad program will make the admissions decision and they have complete control over the decision timeline. You will need to contact them directly.
  • If you are applying for an exchange program, we review your application(s) and will make nomination decisions only after the application deadline has passed. Please note that a nomination is NOT admission to the exchange program.
  • If you are applying for Parsons Paris, you will receive a decision in the weeks following the application deadline. 

How long does it take to get approved to study abroad? Once your application is fully complete (including the approval from your Academic Advisor) it normally takes about 3-5 business days to receive approval. Please note that it can take longer if we are waiting to receive the approval from your Academic Advisor, OR if you are applying for a program that is not approved for your major. Your academic advisors will complete your recommendation forms in a timely fashion, so please be respectful of the process and do not ask them to expedite yours. They will submit them in the order in which they receive them, just as our office will do. 

Why do I need New School approval to Study Abroad? There are minimum requirements that ALL students must meet prior to studying abroad. Amongst other things, this includes verifying that you are in good academic standing, that you meet The New School’s GPA requirements, and that you are not in violation of any student codes of conduct. Approval to study abroad ensures that you have met those requirements.

How do I schedule a meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor? You can schedule a meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor at any time on Starfish

How do I know how study abroad credits will apply to my degree/how they will transfer? This is something you will work with your Academic Advisor on. A review of your study abroad courses and a discussion of how those credits will apply is a built-in part of the conversation you have with your Academic Advisor when you are completing mobility credit registration. Mobility credit registration only happens after you have been admitted to a program and notified our office that you will be attending. If you would like to discuss courses prior to that point, please make sure to schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor on Starfish. In preparation for that meeting, please make sure you come prepared with information about the program you are interested in as well as the courses you plan to take. You can find the courses on your program's website, but we do recommend that you meet with a Study Abroad Advisor first. 

I am an international student. Can I study abroad? Yes, you can study abroad as long as you are participating in an affiliated New School program and following any study abroad requirements for your college and major. You will also need to notify International Student and Scholar Services of your study abroad plans.

What is a visa? A visa is official government documentation that grants you permission to enter, leave or stay in a country for a set period of time.

How do I know if I need a visa? You should always check with the Consulate or Embassy of the country you intend to travel to. You should also consult with your Study Abroad program. 

I am an international student and I need to get a visa for my study abroad program. Will this affect my F1 visa? No. If you remain enrolled as a full-time student of the New School, studying abroad will not affect your F1 Visa. You will also need to notify International Student and Scholar Services of your study abroad plans.

What is a leave of absence? A leave of absence is time you take away from the New School. You are not officially enrolled as a New School student and are taking a step away from your degree at that time. 

What is an approved program? An approved program is a program your college and department has reviewed and approved for study abroad for students in that major. This means that it is a program that meets your department's requirements and course requirements. Not all colleges or areas of study have to adhere to the approved programs list, so be sure to always reference this list

Can I study abroad on a program that is not on the approved list for my college or area of study but is on the GoAbroad website? It is technically possible, but you will need to get written approval from your Academic Advisor and head of your department.

What does mobility credit mean? Mobility credits are your study abroad credits

I have a scholarship I received from The New School (a dean's scholarship or a merit scholarship for example). Can I use this scholarship to cover my study abroad program fees? This depends on the kind of program you have applied for.
  • If you applied for an exchange program, then yes you can use your scholarship(s). All exchange programs are labeled as such. You will see (Exchange) next to the program name
  • If you applied for Parsons Paris, you can use your scholarship(s)
  • If you applied for a program provider (such as API, IES, CAPA etc), you can NOT use your scholarship(s). You will lose your scholarship for the semester you are abroad. Any program not labeled as an exchange (not including Parsons Paris) is considered a program provider. 

Will I have to pay New School tuition AND my study abroad program tuition? The short answer is no. You do not have to pay both New School Tuition and program tuition. 
  • If you are applying for Parsons Paris, you pay New School tuition
  • If you are applying for an exchange program, you pay New School tuition. You do not pay the tuition for the exchange program
  • If you are applying for a program provider study abroad program, you DO NOT pay New School Tuition. You pay your program directly for all tuition and program fees. However, you are responsible for paying miscellaneous student fees which you can find published on the Financial Aid Website. You are also responsible for paying for mandatory health insurance that will cover you while you are abroad. You are able to waive this fee if you will have the equivalent insurance while abroad.